Customer Service Program



  1. For calls inquiring about the price of service or products.
  2. When a customer rings a product in for repair after initial triage.
  3. When a customer has asked for a site survey at their location of business.

Revised Estimates

  1. When estimates are exceeded, the specific reasons for the higher costs are to be clearly outlined on a revised estimate or final invoice.
  2. Changes to the agreed upon scope of work.
  3. Additional information is found during the site survey.

Parts on Order
If a delay in the repair is due to parts needing to be ordered, the customer is notified via phone or email to explain the delay and to be given an opportunity to retrieve their equipment and cancel the repair job at no cost to them.

Parts on Backorder
If parts must be backordered, a service ticket is to be maintained showing the date of the service job, the date of the parts order, the date of the notice of backorder, and the anticipated date of delivery of the backorder. The customer must be notified and made aware of the delay, the anticipated receive date, and the expected date of final repair.

Service Completion
Once the service or repair is completed, the service ticket will be updated to show that the customer has been notified the unit is ready for pick-up, available to be delivered to their location, or the installation / site visit is complete. Attempts to make contact should be noted and if unsuccessful, a written notice is to be sent to the customer, preferably within 2 days of the completion of the repair.

Service Delays
Any delay regarding equipment repairs, installations, service calls, upgrades and equipment returns are to be noted on the service ticket with the reason for delay listed and the date customer has been informed about the delay.

Field Service Appointments
Service appointments will be scheduled with the customers during appropriate hours for the work to be performed. Our service technicians should plan to arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of the service appointment to ensure on-time coordination with the customer. If the customer defaults, we will update our service ticket and work with the customer to reschedule as quickly as possible. If it is seen that our crews cannot make a scheduled time, we must notify the customer as soon as this is determined, to inform them of the delay or the need to reschedule.

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